ENGLISH GUIDE, last update date: 31 jan 2008


Okay, this setup is a very simple layout for foobar2000, it offers you a cool playlist, a browser, album-art view and much more to simply play your music.


Basically the entire design is from toolej. A great dude. I just modded shit and stuff around to get something looking good. It’s based on Columns UI and Panels UI and used on foobar v0.9.4.4 under XP SP2. There’s no reason that it shouldn’t work with v0.9.5 but I didn’t tried that. However I’m not sure about Vista… This is old-school style mo’fucker!

And actually the design fits great with those visual styles: rawr04 (by toolej) and area04 (by heylove) and maybe all area04 mod. It may looks like crap with other VS.

Get ready by downloading foobar2000, install it into a fresh folder. For those who wants v0.9.4.4 or earlier version, download them through filehippo.
When it’s done, open it and close it.
And then download foolej-setup-20080128.rar.

Fonts needed are in “fonts” folder: put them in: C:\WINDOWS\Fonts.

Segoe UI
Swis721 Cn BT D-Type
Kroeger 05_55


i) Put “components” folder into foobar folder.
ii) Put “images” folder into foobar folder.
iii) Put “buttons” folder and “button.fcb” into foobar folder.
iv) Put “search.bmp” into foobar folder.
v) Put “libpng13.dll” and “zlib1.dll” into foobar folder.


i) Open foobar and select the Columns UI interface. Sets components through “setup-layout.png”: preferences>display>columns ui>layout tab. Hide all the captions and shit. You may have to resize the whole thing to get something looking nice.
ii) Sets the playlist switcher with “setup-playslist-switcher.png”
iii) Sets the browsers with “setup-browser.png”
iv) Sets quicksearch toolbar with “setup-qsearch.png”. Don’t forget to add a music folder into Media Library.
v) Apply all the changes. Then shift+rightclick on each browser to choose genre, artist, etc. I’m using: genre, artist, album, just like itunes does.


i) Setup the single column playlist with “code-scpl.rtf”: rightclick on the playlist>settings. Then rightclick on the playlist>sort/group by>artist; to sort your albums by artists.
ii) Setup the albumart with “code-albumart.rtf: rightclick>settings.
iii) You have to setup the last track display with “code-nowplaying.rtf”: rightclick>settings.
iv) Setup the buttons: rightclick>customize>tools>load from file; open “button.fcb”, and OMG it’s awesome!


i) Revome the toolbars at the top and remove those at the bottom: preferences>display>columns ui>status bar tab>uncheck show status bar.

PS: Again, don’t be afraid, you may have to resize the whole thing if you want to get it right.

Hmm so… looks like the boring shit is over, congratulations, you are able to play around with an all-singing, all-dancing foobar!

I would like to thanks: james “toolej” cleveland.

That’s all folks!


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